Esju | Sharpening High Technology

Esju Oy is a high-technology company established in 1991. Our area of business comprises electronics design, consulting, research, training, and EMC laboratory services.


We offer a diverse range of telecommunications R&D services. We are specialized in designing digital and radio components for base station equipment and integrating them into small spaces. We develop our products with an eye on their entire life cycle and we utilize state-of-the-art technology in all of our projects.

Defence industry

We provide innovative, customer-oriented development of products for the defense industry. Our R&D projects always comply with the sector’s current standards. We cost-effectively utilize the latest technological know-how.

Industrial electronics

We design industrial electronics and technology solutions to our customers that gives our customer business benefit in their business segment. Our specializations are challenging technology and environmental product solutions.

Wellness and healthcare technology

Our expertise in designing personal healthcare devices offers excellent possibilities for long-term cooperation with our customers.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We offer our extensive expertise for the development of IoT applications. Our know-how is based on long-term R&D and testing of wireless devices.


Esju’s top expertise guarantees our ability to compete in global markets. We have our own EMC laboratory that complies with current standards and an electronics laboratory containing high-quality RF measuring equipment. We also have powerful RF and EMC design and simulation tools.

Our company’s operation is dedicated and sustainable. Our financial status is good, we have a competent staff, and our processes are sound. Dun & Bradstreet  has given Esju Oy the highest credit rating (Highest Credit Worthiness Classification). All of our commissions comply with our ISO-9001:2008-certified quality system.


Leverage from the EU

The North Ostrobothnia Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment has provided funding for Esju's investments and development activities for the purpose of upgrading and enhancing Esju's competitiveness. The funding is part of the Program for Sustainable Growth and Jobs 2014-2020, which is a project managed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The aim of the ERDF is to increase employment and strengthen the competitiveness and vitality of the regions.