Quality and environmental issues

It is an old truth that quality and good results go hand in hand. For us at Esju, the quality of our work is important. As a proof of its quality awareness Esju has been granted an ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate.

Quality work has allowed Esju to maintain long-term customer relationships. For us, quality means our products and services must meet the needs of each and every customer. Continuous customer satisfaction is achieved only by providing products and services that match our customers’ economic and technical requirements.

Esju Oy provides products and R&D services that meet our customers’ requirements. In addition we conduct research and offer training, consulting, and testing services. To guarantee our customers’ satisfaction we continuously monitor and improve our own operation.


We all care about the future of our environment. In environmental issues Esju looks far into the future by taking environmental factors into consideration already during the product specification and design phases.

We work to optimize the power consumption of products in order to minimize carbon footprint during their life cycle. In the base station sector we conduct top-level research to, e.g. improve the efficiency of radio units’ power amplifiers.

Esju selects all of its materials and components in compliance with the European Union’s RoHS directive concerning the use of hazardous materials.