Our training services are based on our substance expertise acquired in a variety of civil and defense industry projects as well as our extensive scientific research. We usually tailor our training for each customer so that example cases can be chosen specifically for the target group. Our ready courses are practical and their rules of thumb for design work can be utilized immediately. If you desire, we can also go in-depth into modeling and the theoretical background of EMC phenomena. Thus, the level of training is fully flexible.

Individual training sessions can contain suitable portions of the following topics, for example:

  • System-level EMC design
  • EMC modeling
  • EMC in mechanical design
  • EMC in PCB design
  • EMC at the component level
  • EMC measurements and tests
  • EMC phenomena and theory
  • EMC standards
  • EMC and high-speed signal integrity
  • EMC and power supplies
  • EMC in base stations
  • EMC in mobile devices
  • EMC in defense industry equipment and systems
  • EMC and seal testing