EMC laboratory

Verification of a device’s EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) requires testing that we conduct in our EMC laboratory, which meets the requirements of the relevant standards. Our range of tests covers both emission and immunity testing.

Our EMC laboratory offers measurement services as well as consulting in design and testing. Our strong competence in simulations and long-term experience in various areas of electronics guarantee efficient solutions.

Our EMC laboratory contains an interference-shielded, radio-suppressed room equipped with a standardized three-meter measurement track for emission measurements, a rotating table two meters in diameter, and a large selection of power supply, control, fiber, and RF cabling.

We conduct immunity testing and many kinds of analyses, such as emission suppression measurements, in a separate interference-shielded room. This test room can be modified according to the customer’s needs. In all, Esju’s strengths include exceptionally versatile, tailored tests and test rooms, e.g., in terms of cabling.

Our customers have access to measuring equipment, tools, and accessories needed for R&D testing. We have flexible working hours and if necessary, we are capable of offering our customers very quick deliveries.

We provide services ranging from R&D measurements to approval measurements. We are glad to fulfill our customers’ measurement needs regardless of whether they are one-time short measurements or long-term cooperation contracts.

We also use our laboratory in our various research projects. Our own laboratory offers good potential for efficient product development and research activity.

EMC-Test prices:

  • EMC-laboratory measurements 150€/h
  • Other work, like problem solving, R&D, report writing, test setup works etc. 85€/h
  • We can offer EMC-tests for fixed price also