Mechanical design

  • Esju provides comprehensive mechanical design solutions beginning from the ideation phase all the way to production ramp-up. We can also assist you in compiling product requirement specifications.
  • We have robust know-how in specifying and designing mechanical entities for telecommunication modules and devices.
  • We design plastic components, machined parts, sheet metal mechanics, and die-casting of aluminum alloys. We also have robust experience in designing dustproof, waterproof, and EMC-shielded structures.
  • We utilize the sector’s most commonly used software applications in our mechanical design. A two-way link between mechanics and PCB design software enables component placement analyses based on 3D models.
  • We can optimize a product’s cooling elements using heat simulation and thermal analyses and thereby ensure that operating conditions meet product specifications.
  • We also perform various product tests, such as environmental condition tests, noise measurements, thermal measurements, and mechanical stress tests.