RF design

  • Esju offers comprehensive RF design services ranging from requirement specification to product approval testing. We can also assist our customers in specifying RF requirements and selecting component technologies and components.
  • Our RF specialists have long-term experience in base station radio R&D and other wireless system design. We have designed numerous RF platforms for base station products. In 2014 we developed our own multi-band small-cell RF platform specifically for low-power mobile network base stations.
  • We have designed and implemented numerous power amplifiers for base station radios in various frequency bands and power classes, e.g., employing Doherty PA topology. We are continuously doing research related to new power amplifier technologies and architectures.
  • We are able to design antennas for various purposes, from mobile devices to routers and from small-cell base stations to large macro units. We design the entire antenna concept, including everything from requirement specification to verification. We can also help our customers in all phases of their antenna design projects.


    The performance of a product containing RF components and its R&D and life-cycle costs are determined by many factors. The best performance is achieved by combining careful modeling and implementation with a successful choice of component technologies and components. We design and implement protection against interference (both emission and immunity) in base stations and other demanding RF devices in collaboration with our specialists in RF mechanics.
  • We verify the mechanical isolation of RF devices using EMI simulations. We have conducted extensive research and testing for our customers to improve the isolation of complex multilayer PCBs and the interference immunity of mixed-signal PCBs. Esju’s specialists have also analyzed and tested various types of RF seal materials and RF seal solutions, for example by producing seal testers for our customers and for a Scandinavian RF seal manufacturer.


    In verifying RF devices we primarily use our own calibrated RF testers and Esju’s own RF laboratory. We also have our own EMC laboratory (with a three-meter measurement track) and measuring equipment and an interference-shielded room equipped with EFT, ESD, and surge immunity testing equipment for R&D.